From clay trough slipware, tin glazed earthenware to the production of porcelain in the mid 18th century the objects produced have been vast. Since the introduction of Chinese porcelain, Europe has been on the catch up to produce such fine quality items. Once the formula was found factories like, Bow, Derby, Worcester, Meissen and Sevres began producing quality items from figurines, to tablewares, candlesticks to vases or what ever fashion. demanded. Together with glass producers centers such as Murano, Lalique, Galle and others style and design have always been at a premium. More modern Studio wares reflect this growing area for collectors Bernard Leach, Hans Cowper,  Brighton Sango all have strong followings.

The origins of glass making date back as much as 4000 years ago, or more. Early Roman glass is very collectable, but seldom seen. Today some of the strongest markets for collectors are the Art Glass of Lalique, Loetz, Galle, Daum, Tiffany and Almeric Walter. In addition to this glass from Scandinavia is much sought after from names such as Kosta Boda and Orrefors. More recently Swarovski crystal ornaments have gained quite a following