Posted On: 17 Aug 2018 by PIERS MOTLEY

The New Gold


Seven Years of Amber Leads to over £1/3 Million of Sales.

When two necklaces appeared at sale in 2011 from a house clearance in Lympstone, selling for over £3,500, the start of a phenomenal run of sales was heralded.

Since then we have sold almost £350,000 of Amber to a global market and become The South West's largest and most eminent seller; with interest from the UK and Europe, China, The Middle East, America and Australia we have built up a comprehensive list of both private and trade buyers.

I've often been asked why Amber has grown in popularity so much. A good Baltic Amber bead necklace might have been bought 10 years ago for a couple of hundred pounds which today could be worth over £10,000! The main buyer's are Chinese and Islamic countries. The Chinese believe that wearing shows their wealth and eminence and in Islam they are often used as Misbaha (prayer beads) and giving good luck. The increase in price reflects the value placed on this and how much people are willing to spend.

The colour of amber is exceeding important with 'egg yolk' or 'butterscotch' Amber from the Baltic usually the most favoured. Red Amber is also highly favoured, though very rare (most red 'amber' is actually man made resins, some dating back to late Victorian times). Other 'amber' can be an amalgam and even give off the familiar pine scent when burnt. There are numerous tests including hot pin, salt water, ultra violet and others.

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