What to do if you are thinking of selling items at auction
The selling process is straight forward you can bring items into the saleroom on one of our valuation days, contact us by email with pictures: info@piersmotleyauctions.co.uk or telephone us 01395 267403. If appropriate we can book a home visit.
When we appraise your items we can often give you an idea of values there and then. Obviously with some items research may have to be carried out before an indication of value is given.
On consigning goods we shall give you a receipt detailing any reserves. On signing the receipt you will have agreed to enter into a contract where we act on your behalf  to sell your item/s to the highest bidder.
Reserves can be set on items, where appropriate, to protect the lot/s from being undersold  If items are subsequently withdrawn we have the right to charge a withdrawal fee of £30%+VAT on the lower estimate and lotting charges to cover the costs we shall have incurred preparing your items for sale and loss of revenue from the buyer.
Unlike many auction rooms WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY (you may be charged £20+VAT or more by other auction rooms). Where appropriate we take multiple shots of lots so that the potential buyer can bid with confidence.
While we still have bidders in the room the majority of the sale is now sold to internet bidders: To facilitate this the auction catalogue is advertised on the-saleroom.com and easyliveauction.com for live internet bidding and commission bids. In addition to this buyer's can also see the catalogue and bid directly on our website.
Before the sale we shall email a pre-sale advice listing your items and after the sale the results. Payment, which is made by BACS, is usually made four weeks after the sale.
We charge a commission to sell your items. The more we sell your item for, the more we make: so it is in both our interests to secure the highest bids possible. In order to get the best prices the auction is advertised in the national trade press, regional and local publications. In addition to this we also use social media and we are proactive in contacting potential clients where appropriate.
We also offer transport of your lots to the auction room which is charged at £60+VAT p.h. for two men and a luton van. Collections £60 per hour (+VAT) for two men and van.
A FULL HOUSE CLEARANCE SERVICE is also available if required (full details are found under HOUSE CLEARANCE).
Our Terms & Conditions
    1. Commission and charges:
      Commission 17% (+VAT)
      Damage & Loss Warranty 1% (+VAT)
      Minimum charge of £10 per consignment/statement (+VAT)
      Lotting fee: £3 per lot (+VAT); Reserves are subject to 10% auctioneers discretion
    2. The above charges are inclusive of all usual expenses at the sale involving; the printing of catalogues and posters, advertising, proper display, porter. Other incidental expenses: electrical testing, rubbish disposal, delivery and removals to and from our saleroom premises, internet work or any other special charges such as CITES and Ivory Exemption Certificates carry a surcharge. Unsold lots still incur the lotting fee and if reserved warranty charges. Where unsold lots are re-entered lotting charges and warranty charges are again payable.
  1. Due to legal obligations, we may ask for your ID if you are selling over £5,000 worth of goods per year. This could be asked before or after the sale of your goods. This is a prevention against money laundering.
  2. Cataloguing: We reserve the right to catalogue and display all items in the manner we think best. Any estimate or description is honestly given based on our skills as general auctioneers. Where possible we endeavor to research items of unique or historical importance to obtain the best possible sale price. This may involve further charges which shall be discussed and agreed with the seller before proceeding.
  3. Reserves: All items are considered to be without reserve and for sale to the highest bidder. Reserves placed upon any item must be agreed with the auctioneers and then only if the lot warrants it and the reserve figure is not prohibitive. Any reserve set is subject to 10% auctioneers discretion.  A commission of 20%+ VAT of the reserve price may be charged should the item remain unsold if the reserve has not been agreed. Vendors who attend the sale and bid on their own goods (without the prior knowledge of the auctioneer), resulting in unsold goods, may be subject to the full charges and commission rate of the highest bid reached (see charges above). No reserves under £50 shall be accepted.
  4. Withdrawal charges: Lots withdrawn from sale once catalogued shall be charged at 30%+VAT of the lower estimate. Cataloguing and advertising charges may also apply.
  5. Piers Motley Auctions Ltd. act as agents only to the vendor. Where a buyer fails to pay for goods we are not responsible and no payment shall be made to the vendor.
  6. Unsold goods: Lots failing to reach their reserve will be offered a second time with a lowered reserve, or without reserve (unless a special arrangement has been made with the auctioneer) or must be removed from the saleroom immediately after the sale. Goods that do not attract any bid whatsoever and remain unsold, may be considered unsaleable and disposed of after the sale without further notice, for which a charge shall be raised.
  7. Vendor’s pre-sale advice note & statements: Vendor's checklists for sales may not be sent if an entry form is signed, otherwise they shall be sent to each vendor about 5 days prior to the sale.  Vendor’s statements with BACS payments will be sent about 4 weeks after the sale (providing payment from buyers has been received).
  8. Statements and payment is usually made about four weeks after the sale. Remittance for items sold is made by BACS (bank transfer). If a cheque is required a charge of £10 is made for this to cover the administration costs.

N.B. Where an account has no funds, we will not send a statement via the post. Statements will be sent by email if given.