Piers Motley Auctions



Piers Motley Auctions of Exmouth began 8 years ago and is a family run business which Piers and his wife Boo have built up over the years. With over 20 years experience the auction has attracted some exceptional sales in Toys, Watches, Jewellery, Art, Lalique, Chinese, Indian and much more. We deal with solicitors all over The South West and deal with Court of Protection and other agencies advising customers how best to market both traditional antiques and collectables and general household goods.



We have regular specialist Antique and Collectors Sales offering a competitive modern service utilising the latest internet technology. All sales are placed on our own website and specialist auction sites. Social Media is also used to extensively advertise. We also actively target potential clients of more unusual items. In regards to our World Record Heuer Watch sale last year an International targeted advert. Traditional Print Advertising is also featured.


Cataloguing & Photography:

Our Specialist Live Internet Sales are fully illustrated with some lots having multiple images. Post cataloguing, further images are taken for email requests for condition reports and other details. 
We spend days taking up to 4000 photographs per sale and make NO CHARGE for this service (some auctions will charge £15 or more per image).

Watches & Jewellery, Silver, Ceramics & Glass, Militaria, Furniture and other antiques and collectables are given similar advertising as going to much larger auction houses, but with less commission charged and World Record prices being achieved.
Items for our Antique and Collectors sales come from all over Southern England from The South West to London (and occasionally further afield).


Antique & Collectors Sales

The Antique and Collectors Sales have live internet bidding which gives us both a National and International market (often selling to a collector who will pay far more than a dealer). This is achieved using Easy Live, the-saleroom.com and Invaluable.


General & Collectors Sales

In addition to our Specialist Antique and Collectors sale we have a regular General and Collectors Sale where less specialist Antiques and Collectables are sold alongside everyday modern furnishings from house clearances and private consignments. These sales are also on view through various internet sites and on occasions bids reach £5000 or more,


On Site Sales

Occasionally it is better to hold on site auctions. This might be a commercial property such as an hotel, machinery sale such as farm equipment or a residential property where the ‘atmosphere’ of the site will enhance the saleability of quality items.



Piers Motley Auctions also offers a comprehensive valuation service to satisfy the conditions set for Probate, Family Division and Insurance. Free valuations are also offered for items being consigned to auction. Customers are welcome to bring items in to our saleroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays for free verbal valuations (and on other days by arrangement) Alternatively photographs can be sent in and we can usually give some indication of value from these.

Piers Motley Auctions are also happy to make house calls or visit storage facilities across the UK. Visits have been made to London, Portsmouth and Cornwall for valuation of collections.

Valuations and advice for selling can be for single items or large collections.


House Clearance and Auction Collection:

We are regularly instructed to clear entire estates. Unlike some auction houses who are very particular about what they will take, we will provide transport of saleable items to auction and can also provide a full house clearance service for those items for which we have no market. House clearance is carried out in a respectful manner by our trained staff and, where possible, items for which we have no market will be sent to charity outlets. A full cleaning service is also available to make a property ready for marketing.